Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties to the conflict, through the neutral person RALUM, are looking for a constructive solution to the problem situation. Mediation is an addition and, at the same time, an alternative to the trial process and plays an increasingly important role in resolving various types of disagreements. The goal of mediation is to bring the parties to a result that is in their interests. There are no losers in this process.


 Main advantages:

  • Mediation is a cheaper way to resolve a dispute
  • It is also an incomparably faster way of resolving disputes
  • It allows you to maintain good relationships and continue to work with your client
  • Mediation is a confidential process

 RALUM offers:

  • Mediator services for resolving any dispute
  • Help to prepare for the mediation process
  • Represent party in the mediation process