Debtor representation

The representation and protection of debtor's interests play an important role in negotiating with any creditor, regardless of the stage in the process in which it is located. It does not matter if You yhave a warning from the bank, an application from the court or a statement from the bailiff for a real estate auction, RALUM offers professional representation based on practical experience for debtors at any of these stages.

RALUM offers representation in the following institutions / processes: 

1. Banks and credit institutions 

2. Debt recovery companies 

3. In cases involving creditors and other financial institutions 

4. On non-residential property issues (management) 

  • agreement on the procedure, type and timetable for payment of the debt 
  • restructuring 
  • refinancing 

5. Courts and arbitration - applications, requests, complaints 

  • explanations of the application 
  • counterclaims, coupons claims 
  • settlements 
  • proceedings 

6. In the course of decisions, judgments or rulings (bailiffs) 

  • applications, requests, complaints 
  • bailiff statements 

7. Real estate auctioning process