Debt purchase/Cession

Cession is the transfer of a claim from one creditor to another after a legal transaction, a law or a court judgment, or the change of creditors without the debtor's consent. The creditor whose claim is transferred to the new creditor is called the cedent, but the new creditor as the custodian. The status of the debtor with the assignment can not be deteriorated, therefore, the assignee, if he personally owns any advantages over the debtor, may not use them.


The notification obligation for the assignment to the debtor has been imposed on the assignee. Until notification, it can be said that the debtor has two lenders and the debtor can choose which of them to pay the debt.


In obtaining a claim, the assignee also obtains the right to claim, as well as to take over the civil procedural rights of the assignor at any stage of the civil procedure.